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23.06.2022 – Trip across the alps 2022

With less than 100ccm across the Alps

People’s mobility – driving through the landscape on the weekends, visiting friends and relatives, daily commuting, holiday trips – individual and reliable travelling, affordable for a majority – a well-known dream for everyone.

From the beginning / middle of the thirties this vision came true even for average earners. The so-called light motorcycle was born. With around 100ccm and an output of 2,25 to 3 horsepower especially Fichtel & Sachs, NSU and DKW were fighting for the favour of the buyers. The dream of an affordable mobility started at about 200,00 RM.

Our Zuendmagnet shows several models of this period.

We wanted to prove, that these bikes were a quantum leap in people’s mobility, and which output they were and are able to perform together with well trained leg muscles of their drivers.

After our two previous tours in the last years, Wurzen – Müritz and Chemnitz – Kitzbühel, we wanted to prove the mountaineering ability of Sachs & Co.

On June 23rd 7 very brave drivers met with their bikes near Zell am See / Austria for an unforgettable weekend with the following program:

June 24th – Reaching the peak of Pass Thurn (1274m) – Distance around 50 km

June 25th – journey over the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße (2504m)

Iselbergpass (1209m)

Gailberghöhe (1000m)

Milestone of the day: Kötschach – Mauthen – distance around 140km

June 26th – Plöckenpass to Italy (1357m)

Sappadapass (1300m)

Kreuzbergpass (1636m)

Milestone of the day: Moos / Sexten, Southern Tyrollia – Distance around 115km

With just one damaged thread of a pedal (probably caused by powerful cycling assistance) all seven bikes were in a working condition and were loaded into our lorry to go through Felbertauern Tunnel and back to our “Basic station” next to Zell am See / Austria.

It was an outstanding weekend and terrific proof for the ability of Fichtel & Sachs and NSU light motor bike engines and the good condition of their drivers.

We sincerely thank our ladies and our lorry driver who have accompanied us throughout the whole journey and the photographer Frank Waldmann for the amazing photos!