5th November 2022

Electric vehicle, combustion engine or ???

We are proud to announce that Prof. Cornel Stan (westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau) will give us a lecture about “Future Mobility”. He has already published some very interesting books, telling the readers his ideas about future vehicles and future traffic.
He is a qualified expert in talking about “new Mobility”.

If you are interested, please book a ticket via our mail address, and also please transfer 70,00€ in advance for the speech, coffee and cake and a snack with non-alcoholic drinks.

Freunde des Zündmagneten e.V.
Deutsche Bank Wurzen
IBAN: DE02 8607 0024 0238 9252 00

Gates will open at 3:30pm.

23. June, 2022

With less than 100ccm across the Alps

People’s mobility – driving through the landscape on the weekends, visiting friends and relatives, daily commuting, holiday trips – individual and reliable travelling, affordable for a majority – a well-known dream for everyone.

From the beginning / middle of the thirties this vision came true even for average earners. The so-called light motorcycle was born. With around 100ccm and an output of 2,25 to 3 horsepower especially Fichtel & Sachs, NSU and DKW were fighting for the favour of the buyers. The dream of an affordable mobility started at about 200,00 RM.

Our Zuendmagnet shows several models of this period.

We wanted to prove, that these bikes were a quantum leap in people’s mobility, and which output they were and are able to perform together with well trained leg muscles from their drivers.

After our two previous tours in the last years, Wurzen – Müritz and Chemnitz – Kitzbühel, we wanted to prove the mountaineering ability of Sachs & Co.

On June 23rd 7 very brave drivers met with their bikes near Zell am See / Austria for an unforgettable weekend with the following program:

June 24th – Reaching the peak of Pass Thurn (1274m) – Distance around 50 km

June 25th – journey over the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße (2504m)

Iselbergpass (1209m)

Gailberghöhe (1000m)

Milestone of the day: Kötschach – Mauthen – distance around 140km

June 26th – Plöckenpass to Italy (1357m)

Sappadapass (1300m)

Kreuzbergpass (1636m)

Milestone of the day: Moos / Sexten, Southern Tyrollia – Distance around 115km

With just one damaged thread of a pedal (probably caused by powerful cycling assistance) all seven bikes were in a working condition and were loaded into our lorry to go through Felbertauern Tunnel and back to our “Basic station” next to Zell am See / Austria.

It was an outstanding weekend and terrific proof for the ability of Fichtel & Sachs and NSU light motor bike engines and the good condition of their drivers.

We sincerely thank our ladies and our lorry driver who have accompanied us throughout the whole journey and the photographer Frank Waldmann for the amazing photos!

21. June, 2022
DEKRA – experts visit our Zuendmagnet and exchange opinion about the current situation for vintage car assessments

Public holiday on May the 26th 2022 – the friends of AWO Motor bikes from Lunzenau have visited our Zündmagnet,a very enjoyable noon for all of us

March, 2022
A warm “Thank you” to all the members and the the president of the Horch Club for their honour to us during the January- Meeting 2022.Will will always take care of enough water for the beautiful oak tree,now on our ground.

Members meeting evening of the Horch Club e.V. on January the 21th 2022
After a long „Corona – break“ we could enjoy again a great day with interesting lectures and nice talks

A group of Mercedes W 107 enthusiasts have visited our Zuendmagnet

New exhibits at Zuendmagnet

We have always investigated into the export activities of the German car industry in their early days with great respect.

Travelling,looking for agents and maintaining the relationship with them have been a great challenge about 80 years ago.It was a completely different dimension at a time without fax,mail and travelling without fast airplanes.

Nevertheless documents show cars and motor bikes for example of Wanderer, Chemnitz originally supplied to Japan,South America and Australia in the early years of the last century.

We are very proud to be able to present some very interesting cars which were exported to Australia in the Twenties.The agent for Wanderer responsible for Victoria and Tasmania has ordered a number of 5/15 hp chassis for a final body assembly in Australia in 1923.Not all of these chassis have been fully assembled or sold.

We can show

  • one 5/15 hp chassis,never assembled or sold,the engine has never been running – it was exhibited in a New Zealand Motor Museum in the previous years
  • one 5/15 hp Wanderer four seater with less than 2000 miles on the meter
  • one 5/15 hp Wanderer two seater with less than 1000 miles on the clock
  • an original untouched spare part collection what came originally with the cars to Australia
  • the original documentation and conversation between Wanderer and their agent in Melbourne
  • To be believed one of the last untouched Grand Prix race car of the world.It is a Wanderer based on a 5/15 hp chassis,modified by the Melbourne based agent in closed exchange with Wanderer/Germany,raced in various Australian competitions and entered in the 1928 Australian Grand Prix.

The following movie shows the arrival of the cars and parts in Wurzen and the first presentation to a group of well known oldtimer car specialists.