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past events

Our overview of previous official events / visitor days and private meetings at Zündmagnet

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Past Events
10. January 2023

25.03.2023 – Austrian Evening (Pinzgau regional)

you will get: an unique Austrian art experience, Kathi – excellence at the Austrian accordion, an Austrian dance group (Schuplattler dance), Austrian food and an original Pinzgau dessert chef and the excellent diner supplied by Berghütte Großsteinberg between Saxonian cars of 1904 to 1942.
Past Events
5. November 2022

05.11.2022 – Electric vehicle, combustion engine or ?

We are proud to announce that Prof. Cornel Stan (westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau) will give us a lecture about “Future Mobility”. He has already published some very interesting books, telling the readers his ideas about future vehicles and future traffic. He is a qualified expert in talking about “new Mobility”. If…
Past Events
22. October 2022

22.10.2022 – Mercedes 600 Type W100

The first ideas to design „the best car in the world „were born at Mercedes in the middle of the 50ies of the last century. Head of the Design Department Fritz Nallinger showed with his project W100, what was technically possible at this time – air suspension, servo brake, three…
Past Events
6. July 2022

06.07.2022 – VDMA Summer Party

The Machine Manufacturer Association from Germany (VDMA) celebrated their Summer Party 2022 in the Zündmagneten. It has been a wonderful afternoon / evening full of speeches, workshops and a sociable “get together” in the evening.
Past Events
23. June 2022

23.06.2022 – Trip across the alps 2022

With less than 100ccm across the Alps - People’s mobility – driving through the landscape on the weekends, visiting friends and relatives, daily commuting, holiday trips – individual and reliable travelling, affordable for a majority – a well-known dream for everyone. From the beginning / middle of the thirties this…